Chairman Message

We live in an age of remarkable progress in medicine, advances that even a generation ago seemed the stuff of science fiction and fantasy. Health21 is a nonprofit organization working for quality improvement through health system strengthening, improving access to services and information based on scientific evidences. It has completed 14 years of its life (Alhamdulillah); beginning in 2003 has now reached at a height where many nonprofit organizations dream to reach. It is a classic example of organization evolution and a case study for development professionals. It works for quality improvement for best practice and management of health care services, training and research in collaboration with Private, NGOs and Public sector at local and global level. Our board and executive members are constantly striving to ensure that we remain at the forefront of the non-profit by stressing that our members’ experience is always the first priority. Our goals remain unchanged, but the way we address the world around us has evolved to meet the changing circumstances. On behalf of my colleagues, and myself I would like to thank Health21 respected members and to all concerns to make their continued contribution in terms of time, money and efforts to bring this dream come true. You are our most important and greatest asset. We could not have accomplished our goals without you.

Dr. Abu Jamil Faisel

Chairman & Treasurer