Effective Behavioral Communication for Doctor Patient Relationship

Snap Shot of the Online Course

Effective doctor-patient communication is an integral tools in the delivery of quality health care. Very often, patient dissatisfaction, and many complaints are due to poor doctor-patient relationship, which is essentially because of lack of orientation, understanding and weak communication skill. Accordingly, to address the issue, Health21 and BRAC Institute of Languages (BIL), BRAC University, Mohakhali, Dhaka have jointly developed an online course on Effective Behavioral Communication focusing on Doctor-Patient Relationship, first of its kind in Bangladesh. We would like to extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to team members of BIL, BRAC University for their technical and other support in developing the online course.
Goal of the course:
Support the doctors to reinforce their communication with patient to offer quality of care and patient’s satisfaction.
What doctor’s need: Doctors need to know the followings in order to diagnose and treat disease, establish and maintain an effective therapeutic relationship, as well as to offer the patient with proper information and understanding: i. Knowledge
ii. Ability to elicit information from patients
iii. Interpersonal skills to respond to patient’s feelings and concerns
iv. Effective Communication Skill
What patient’s want:
- Patients want to be able to trust the competence and efficacy of their caregivers
- Patients want to be able to negotiate the health care system effectively and to be treated with dignity and respect
- Patients want to understand how their sickness or treatment will affect their lives, and they often fear that their doctors are not telling them everything they want to know
Purpose of the Course:
Development of better communication between doctors and patients through
- creating awareness among doctors on patient centered communication
- minimizing misunderstanding between doctors and patients
- reducing gaps between the intended message and the message received in physician-patient communications
- providing support to deal different categories of patients
- enhancing patient compliance to treatment plans
- contributing to doctor clinical competence and self-assurance
- contributing to patient satisfaction
This online course is hosted in the Health21 website. It can be completed within 3 months. It is not necessary to complete the course in one attempt. The course attendees can take time, pause and gradually complete the course as convenient. After successful completion of the course, participants will get a certificate jointly signed by the Health21 and BRAC University. The course fee is 10,000 BDT.(Now Discount Price BDT 2,000 only)
The course is divided into 7 modules and in the modules there are audio visual presentations, two role plays on good communication and bad communication etc. For stress management there is a video on yoga, which will show how to relax in a stressful condition. After the presentations there are speeches by different experts on professionalism & ethics, managing difficult encounters and addressing challenging emotional conversations. All the presentations are written in English. However, for better understanding of the participants, speakers have described them in Bangla.

Details of Specialists and Contributors