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Health infrastructure in Bangladesh
To ensure equitable healthcare to every residing human in Bangladesh, an extensive network of health services has been established following the administrative web of Bangladesh. It is a circuitous form of healthcare network spread across the country ranging from policy-making bodies to healthcare facilities down to the community level.Infrastructure of healthcare facilities can be divided into three levels: Medical University, Medical College Hospitals, Specialized Hospitals exist at Tertiary Level. District Hospitals, Mother and Child Welfare Centers considered as Secondary Level. Upazila (Sub District) Health Complex, Union Health & Family Welfare Centers, Community Clinics (Lowest-level healthcare facilities) are the Primary Level healthcare providers .Various NGOs(Non-Government Organization) and private institutions also contribute to this intricate network .

The total expenditure on healthcare as a percentage of Bangladesh’s GDP was 3.35% in 2009.

In the parliamentary budget of 2017-18, only the budget has been set for the health sector is 16 thousand 203 crore 36 lakhs bangladeshi taka.

The number of hospital beds per 10,000 population is 3. The General government expenditure on healthcare as a percentage of total government expenditure was 7.9% as of 2009 and the citizens pay most of their health care bills as the out-of-pocket expenditure as a percentage of private expenditure on health is 96.5%. Doctor to population ratio – 1:2,000 Nurse to population ratio – 1:5,000

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