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Vice Chairman Message

HEALTH21 strive to influence health service providers at all levels and in all sectors to promote health management and the best practices through holding dialogues. It is conducting research and training, disseminating up to date knowledge in areas of health management and practice. In fact, HEALTH21 has been working on health related issues since 2003. The mission of HEALTH21 is to improve the quality of health care services in the country through improvement in system and facilities (related to health care), capacity building, improving access to information and patient knowledge (education).
We are home to a friendly, hardworking and hospitable workforce. I strongly feel that with these qualities coupled with right direction we will InshAllah. I thank all the Well-wisher, Donor, Staff and the Board of Directors of Health21 for their unstinted support and participation.

Prof. Dr. Rubaiul Murshed

Vice Chairman